Enscape Building Performance Module

Enscape to visualise energy efficiency of building designs

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New Building Performance Module to visualise daylight energy usage, comfort analysis and more

Chaos is working on a new Building Performance Module for its architectural visualisation software Enscape that will allow users to visualise the energy efficiency of buildings while designing in real time.

Later this year the company will also launch a new ‘story telling’ solution codenamed Project Eclipse that allow users to ‘rapidly enhance’ their Enscape and V-Ray scenes.

Building Performance Module

According to Chaos, the forthcoming Building Performance Module for Enscape will help drastically reduce the amount of time required for architects to achieve optimum energy efficiency for their designs and improve sustainability ratings.

Users will be able to visualise aspects such as daylight energy usage, and comfort analysis. The aim is to help architects see the impact of their early-stage design decisions and to help create more sustainable buildings.

“[The Building Performance Module for Enscape] will place the power of insightful decision making directly in your hands and democratise analysis,” said Phil Miller, VP product solutions for artists, Chaos.

“Bringing this to Enscape connects the BIM model with performance analysis, and within the real time visualisation mode you already know. Your analysis will dynamically update with your changes, just as your visualisation updates within Enscape.”

Enscape Building Performance Module Enscape Building Performance Module


Project Eclipse

Later this year, Chaos will launch a new ‘story telling’ solution codenamed Project Eclipse that will accept and combine scenes directly from any Enscape or V-Ray integration, within which users will be able to ‘rapidly enhance’ their scene.

According to Miller, it will allow users to explore design variations, animate the possibilities and even orchestrate crowds and traffic far more rapidly than they can anywhere else.

“We feel this will be the perfect solution for architects and visualisation specialists to quickly tell their design stories and include far more detailed permutations and animation that is possible in any CAD tool,” he said.

Miller added that the new storytelling solution will work across all the products that Chaos supports.

Stylised visualisation

Chaos will be adding real time stylised visualisation to Enscape, that uses AI and natural language processing to give the render a hand drawn, more artistic look.

Image credits: YouTube: ChaosTV


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