NEWS: Workstation Specialists clocks Kaby Lake to 5.0GHz

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Intel Core i7 7700K CPU 0.5GHz faster than Skylake for faster CAD and BIM

Workstation Specialists is breaking the magic 5.0GHz barrier with its new Intel 7th Generation Core i7 ‘Kaby Lake’ workstation, the WS-X143, thanks to liquid cooling.

5.0GHz is a full 0.5GHz over the standard ‘Turbo’ clock speed of the ‘Kaby Lake’ Intel Core i7 7700K CPU and also a 0.5GHz increase over its previous generation ‘Skylake’ workstation. On paper, this should bring a significant performance benefit to single threaded applications, including 3D CAD and BIM software.

The WS-X143 is available with 8 to 64GB DDR4 2666MHz Memory, one or two Nvidia Quadro or AMD Radeon Pro GPUs and over 30TB of storage.

The Derby-based manufacturer explains that the improved power efficiency of Intel’s 7th Generation CPUs will also benefit workstation users, adding that the battery life of its new WS-M mobile range (coming soon), which will take advantage of these CPUs, is also expected to increase.

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