Radeon ProRender makes BIM software debut

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Physically-based, AI accelerated ray tracing technology embedded in ACCA Edificius

ACCA Edificius has become the first architectural BIM software to be integrated with AMD’s Radeon ProRender ray tracing technology. The photorealistic PBR (Physically Based Rendering) engine uses Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) denoising to ‘drastically reduce’ processing time.

According to the developers, the Edificius AIrBIM (Artificial Intelligence render BIM) technology allows users to create renderings without having to be an expert and without having to spend hours trying different settings to get the right result. It helps architects, designers and their clients use photo-realism to better understand lighting solutions and to see how different materials will influence design concepts.

Radeon ProRender is an open technology and works with ‘any GPU or CPU’. For the Machine Learning Denoiser, AMD has ‘trained’ it to compare noisy images with their fully processed counterparts, and to quickly and automatically reconstruct the fully rendered image. It means there is no need to render the entire multitude of light rays involved in a given scene (rays) and process hundreds or thousands of render passes: the render is now completed much faster because only fewer passes are necessary. The Machine Learning algorithms “remove” the residual noise normally present in a partially rendered image.

Radeon ProRender is also integrated in Cinema4D and is available as a plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max and Unreal Engine, among others.




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