Hexagon acquires Melown Technologies

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Acquisition intended to strengthen the 3D visualisation capabilities of the company’s Geosystems division

Hexagon’s (Leica) Geosystems division has acquired Prague-based Melown Technologies to strengthen its 3D visualisation capabilities.

The company specialises in mass-scale computer vision-based modelling of urban and natural landscapes from aerial imagery. As a major part of this process, it has developed an advanced 3D visualisation technology which allows interactive web-based rendering of these landscapes, from street-level detail to planetary scale.

Melown Technologies also offers Vadstena, a fully automatic 3D natural and urban landscape reconstruction software system. From a single set of aerial images, it can produce a geometric 3D model, orthoimagery, DEM and land cover in a single unified, automatic process.

“At Hexagon, we make the world machine readable and subject to the power of analytics to ultimately boost efficiency, productivity and quality for our customers,” says Juergen Dold, President of Hexagon’s Geosystems division. “We are very excited that Melown Technologies is joining our organisation as it strengthens our competence and technology portfolio to accelerate the accessibility of 3D digital realities that are captured with our broad portfolio of reality capture solutions.”




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