Atvero launches CMap integration

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Aim is to create a more streamlined project information management workflow for AEC teams

Atvero, the Sharepoint-based document and drawing management solution for architects and engineers, is now integrated with CMap, the end-to-end CRM, project and resource management software. The news follows CMap’s acquisition of Atvero earlier this year.

“Whilst Atvero and CMap remain independent products, the launch of this integration provides joint clients with huge efficiencies across AEC project and document management, with ‘one version of the truth’ maintained across critical project, company and contact data,” said Marcus Roberts, head of Atvero.

Through the integration, Atvero and CMap aim to create a more streamlined project information management workflow that helps users work more efficiently, increase information accuracy, and reduce risks in project delivery.

Atvero will bi-directionally sync with CMap. Projects originating in CMap will also be created in Atvero, alongside any associated companies and contacts. Subsequent edits to projects, companies and contacts will continuously sync, ensuring consistent data between the two systems.

“Since Atvero joined the CMap family we have seen huge interest from across the AEC sector, validating the strength of the Atvero product and the clear gap in the market for a SharePoint based, AEC specific information management solution,” said Dave Graham, CEO of CMap. “We’re delighted to be launching this integration—but this is very much ‘version one’, with further enhancements envisaged, driven by close collaboration with our mutual clients.”