Workflow management enhances Atvero PIM software

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New workflow system said to make it even easier to track and monitor project progress and ensure quality at every stage

Atvero has added two new capabilities to its project information management software: Atvero Workflow Management, an evidence-based workflow to track and monitor project progress; and Atvero Checkpoint, a file transfer solution on SharePoint online that provides a ‘complete audit history’ of information going out and coming into projects.

With Atvero Workflow Management, users will be able to outline and view the workflows that are used repeatedly across different projects. The workflow management system also allows users to assign project team members to action, filter and review tasks, as well as submit records against specific workflow tasks to be reviewed by project owners.

According to Liam Southwood, Product Owner at Atvero: “To effectively manage information and avoid data loss, it is essential for every AEC project to maintain a “golden thread” of standardised, accurate and detailed information across project timelines.”

“We at Atvero wanted to provide users an integrated approach to track important processes within projects and record information at each stage, in a world where “the golden thread” has become more important than ever and to reduce risk.”

Atvero Checkpoint is an information portal that records a ‘complete transmittal transactional history’ whilst keeping the data in your hand associated with each Atvero record. For security, Checkpoint will only allow users included in the issue recipient list to access the files stored within it, which will remain under a company’s Azure tenancy and data governance control. To control external user access, Checkpoint will temporarily store copies of the transmitted files outside of SharePoint, which are accessed via a branded and customisable portal interface branded.

“This first version of Atvero Checkpoint is just the beginning! With a “checkpoint” being two- directional control by definition, our upcoming version of CheckPoint will not only control information leaving the Atvero system, but also will allow simple and secure entry of information from project teams collaborating with outside of their organisations,” says Marcus Roberts, technology director at Atvero.


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