AGACAD looks to boost Revit’s RC detailing capabilities

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Lithuanian software developer adds wall and beam reinforcement capabilities to its Precast Concrete suite

AGACAD is looking to boost Revit’s precast concrete detailing capabilities with new tools that can generate detailed reinforcement for concrete walls and beams with all shop drawings and production files.

The new Wall Reinforcement and Beam Reinforcement software with automated rebar-modelling functionality are part of AGACAD’s Precast Concrete suite of Revit add-ons. Features include rules-based creation, insertion and modification, real-time updates, saveable templates and built-in best practices.

“We’re committed to helping our customers deliver BIM-based services in a more productive way, providing the automation and customization needed for factories and on-site work too,” says Donatas Aksomitas, CEO of AGACAD.

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