NEWS: Leica’s tiny scanner to ship this summer

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Leica taking reservations for BLK360 – ‘world’s smallest and easiest to use reality-capture solution’

The Leica BLK360, which is pitched as the world’s smallest and easiest to use reality-capture solution, is now available for reservation in Europe for shipping this summer.

The BLK360 captures 360º HDR spherical imagery and takes a 360,000 point per second laser scan at the push of a button. Leica says that within three minutes, the resulting data is ready to view on an iPad Pro in the Autodesk ReCap Pro for Mobile app. Users can take measurements, add mark-up and annotations or share on-site data with colleagues back in the office.

“If you’ve ever relied on pencil and paper, tape measures, or other laser measuring devices to capture a room’s dimensions and images, you know that there’s always redundancy and missed measurements,” said Steven Gross, architectural engineer, Valley Home Improvement. “With the BLK360 those issues disappear. Everything is captured on the first visit, which streamlines the process, saving us enormous amounts of time. Not to mention that it makes us look that much more professional to our clients.”

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