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BIM Holoview announces integration with BIM 360

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Integration allows users to raise issues directly in HoloLens or Oculus Quest 2, for resolution in Autodesk BIM 360

BIM Holoview, a specialist in mixed reality for construction, has launched an integration with Autodesk BIM 360.

The software is designed to help construction teams improve productivity and reduce construction rework by providing an immersive experience for design model collaboration through XR headsets.

By connecting BIM Holoview and BIM 360, construction teams can create BIM 360 Issues with photo attachments directly from BIM Holoview on HoloLens and Oculus Quest. The newly created issues can then be assigned, updated and resolved in BIM 360.

Additionally, updates made to issues in BIM 360 can automatically display in BIM Holoview. According to the New Zealand company this can greatly reduce data transfer, model review and revision times and improve collaboration across teams.

“The ability to raise BIM 360 issues directly in HoloLens and Oculus Quest 2 is a significant step in achieving our vision of making XR fully integrated in construction processes.” said Peter Neil, CEO at BIM Holoview.

“Leveraging virtual reality solutions for model collaboration can help building teams stay aligned and save time to kick building projects off on the right foot,” said James Cook, head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions.

“By connecting BIM Holoview and BIM 360, teams can not only stay aligned on Issues, but streamline their workflows and communications to drive timely resolutions and keep projects on track.”



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