Tours in the Wild brings structure to VR/AR presentations

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New feature helps AEC firms control the narrative and guide clients and collaborators through a sequenced, curated experience

Tours in The Wild’ can ‘prompt meaningful conversation and present smarter to clients and collaborators’ by guiding them through precise views of the project before it’s built.

“One of our greatest challenges is to cut through the distractions that surround us and create a focused and compelling expression of our ideas,” says Gabe Paez, founder & CEO of The Wild. “Tours in The Wild empowers you to craft a story that will focus everyone on your desired framing. You can set the terms of the discussion and create your most powerful pitch.”

“The Wild is simply the future of creating, sharing, and collaborating in VR, notes Erik Falat, Principal Designer at Ziba Design. “It fits seamlessly into our existing workflow, elevates our experience concepts, and empowers the team and client throughout the entire design journey.

“Whether you are trying to sell a new contract, guide a brainstorm, or get sign-off on your design, it is crucial to frame the conversation at every moment so that every participant remains on track and focused.”

Companies using The Wild include adidas, Verizon, Interior Architects, Leo A Daly, Lowe’sInnovation Labs, KPF, SAS International, PAE Engineers, Zoom+Care, Scala, ProgressiveAE, Kohlbecker, O’Brien & Co., Bora Architects, The University of South Australia, and Flansburgh Architects.

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