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Dell launches Intel Core Ultra mobile workstations

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Precision 3490, 3590, 3591, 5490 and 5690 offer much improved Intel Arc graphics, plus optional Nvidia RTX Ada Generation GPUs

Dell has launched five mobile workstations built around the new Intel Core Ultra processor. This includes the 14-inch Precision 3490 and Precision 5490, the 15.6-inch Precision 3590 and Precision 3591, and the 16-inch Precision 5690

All five laptops feature the new Intel Core Ultra laptop processors, which combine Central Processing Unit (CPU), Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Neural Processing Unit (NPU) in a single piece of silicon.

There’s a choice of 15W, 28W or 45W models depending on the machine. Some models can be configured without a discrete GPU and still be adequate for 3D CAD workflows, taking advantage of the much-improved Intel Arc graphics and Arc Pro driver with certifications for many leading CAD tools.

The Precision 3000 Series

The Precision 3490 and Precision 3590 look best suited to entry-level 3D CAD, with a choice of processors up to the 28W Intel Core Ultra 7 165H and up to Nvidia RTX 500 Ada (4 GB) graphics. The 3490 starts at 1.40 kg and the 3590 at 1.62 kg.

The Precision 3591 offers more powerful processors up to the 45W Intel Core Ultra 9 185H vPro and Nvidia RTX 2000 Ada (8 GB) graphics, which takes it into the realms of entry-level visualisation. It starts at 1.79 kg.

All three Precision 3000 Series laptops feature displays with a maximum resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 (FHD).

The Precision 5000 Series

The Precision 5490, which Dell claims to be the world’s smallest and most powerful 14-inch mobile workstation, offers more powerful graphics options up to the Nvidia RTX 3000 Ada (8 GB). It comes with a choice of displays up to the QHD+, 2,560 x 1,600 resolution, 60Hz, anti-reflection, touch, 100%sRGB, 500 nits, wide-viewing angle, PremierColor panel with active pen support. It starts at 1.48 kg.


Meanwhile, the Precision 5690, which Dell claims to be the world’s smallest footprint 16-inch mobile workstation, goes all the way up to the Nvidia RTX 5000 Ada (16 GB) graphics for more demanding visualisation workflows. The Precision 5690 is the only new model to offer a 4K display, with an OLED touch, 3,840 x 2,400, 60Hz, 400 nits WLED, Adobe 100% min and DCI-P3 100% panel. It starts at 2.17 kg.

All new mobile workstations will ship with Windows 11, and feature a dedicated hardware key to get instant access to Copilot in Windows


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