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Teradici CAS improves remote workstation management

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Teradici CAS (Cloud Access Software) customers can now more easily manage remote work environments from one central location

Teradici has extended the capabilities of its CAS Manager, a software layer used by IT administrators to manage remote workstations powered by its PCoIP-based Cloud Access Software (CAS).

Users of Teradici CAS can now broker, provision and monitor workstations located in AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and on-premise environments all from a single management environment, installed locally or in the cloud.

According to Teradici, this will provide its customers with greater flexibility for scaling their remoting infrastructure to support hybrid workplaces, as well as supporting larger deployments with more concurrent sessions at a higher throughput. In other words, it will allow them to support even more remote employees no matter where they are, which should prove especially useful during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

IT managers are able to ‘easily’ modify, add, or remove user access as required. It will also allow them to ‘actively control’ uptime service charges for public cloud remote desktops and workstations by turning off machines that are not in active use and starting them up again when a user connects. It will also benefit users as they won’t have to memorize machine names or IP addresses.

“Usage of Teradici CAS Manager increased significantly during the pandemic with our customers managing growing PCoIP deployments, and we believe this will continue as businesses adopt long-term flexible work options,” said Ziad Lammam, VP, product management at Teradici.

“We received a lot of feedback from customers who love the value-add of using CAS Manager included with their CAS enterprise subscription, but they wanted to manage their environment within their own infrastructure. We’re excited to deliver the flexibility today to install CAS Manager in any IT environment or continue to access it as a Teradici service.”

“Using Teradici CAS and CAS Manager allowed us to keep our more than 600 artists around the world creative and productive when we were forced to work from home during the pandemic,” said Darren Hyland, Director of Technology, Brown Bag Films, a leading creative-led animation studio.


“Brown Bag Films is one of the most technically advanced studios, and our remote working technology is a big part of that. Teradici CAS gives our artists seamless access to our secure studio environment wherever they are, and that flexibility helps us hit our deadlines no matter what.”

Teradici CAS uses the PCoIP protocol, which places a big emphasis on high-fidelity ‘lossless’ image quality when remotely accessing graphics-intensive applications like 3D CAD, visualisation and visual effects. Learn more in this AEC Magazine article


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