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Revit to be driven by natural language AI

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Instead of writing codes and scripts, BIMlogiq Copilot allows users to simply type in commands

Australian firm BIMlogiq is developing an Al assistant designed to transform the way users interact with Revit within the design environment.

With BIMlogic Copilot, instead of writing codes and scripts, users simply type in commands using natural language and the software executes those tasks. Use cases range from duplicating and renaming views based on a named template, to generating reports.

The software is said to be ‘adaptable and intelligent’ so learns from your conversations, adapting to your processes for even swifter execution in future projects.

BIMlogic Copilot is currently in early access but BIMlogic has officially released two other AI-driven tools – Smart Annotation and Smart Schematics.

Smart Annotation is designed to optimise construction documentation in Revit, tailored for structural, architectural, MEP, and fabrication parts designs. It automates tagging systems, with a view to intelligently placing annotations and leader lines while optimising readability and presentation quality. Users get precise control over which elements are tagged.

Smart Schematics is designed to streamline Revit workflows for ductwork and pipework schematic design with simplified calculations and visualisations.

Users can transform 3D Revit models into detailed 2D schematics in ‘one click’, perform engineering calculations, such as pressure drop and index run, and export results.


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