Codesign adds carbon calculator and generative AI

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iPad app calculates carbon impact of early-stage designs and generates visuals for design inspiration

Codesign has partnered with 2050 Materials to bring an early-stage carbon calculator to its concepting iPad app for architects. The company has also added a generative AI feature that turns simple massing models into rich visuals for creative inspiration.

Codesign’s carbon calculator takes data from the software’s building model and combines it with user-selected properties to calculate the carbon impact of a design.

Users can try different building and material types and receive quick feedback regarding those decisions. Combining these calculations with Codesign’s built-in design options allows architects to explore more and assess the outcomes early in the design process.

Meanwhile, Codesign’s integrated AI uses a natural language prompt to provide inspiration for building designs.

“Using AI to provide creative ideas has never been easier,” says Campbell Yule, founder of Codesign. “Mass your building in Codesign to get size, shape, and usage in place, and from there, you can immediately use AI to provide some inspiration.

“As you resolve the details of your design with Codesign features like cladding and columns, you can use AI repeatedly to explore options.”

The Codesign AI interface allows the user to determine the overall AI strength and the text prompt containing your “instructions.


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