ODA releases Apple silicon support

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Will help existing Intel-based Mac CAD / BIM applications to be ported over to the new Apple M1 processor

Open Design Alliance (ODA), which provides interoperability software components for several of the leading CAD and BIM tools, will now support Apple Silicon in its Software Development Kits (SDKs) so applications can run on the new Apple M1 processor.

Apple began shipping select Apple MacBook models with M1 processors in mid-November 2020 with the promise of faster performance, improved battery life, and improved security.

“ODA has a significant user base on Mac, particularly in the area of architectural design,” said Neil Peterson, ODA President. “Our new Silicon SDKs allow ODA members to easily port their existing Intel-based Mac applications over to Apple Silicon, to take advantage of the superior performance offered by the M1 chip.

ODA has a long history of Mac support, dating back to the PowerPC in the late 1990s. We’re looking forward to a smooth transition to this latest generation of Apple processors.”

Vectorworks is currently optimising its Mac-based CAD/BIM tool to run on machines with the Apple M1 processor

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