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Schneider Electric updates LayoutFAST electrical BIM tool

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Version 7.0 of the cloud software and Revit plug-in said to bring greater speed, efficiency and accuracy to electrical BIM

Schneider Electric claims the latest release of its Electrical BIM software LayoutFAST improves user experience and cuts design time in half.

The web software and Revit plug-in is designed to make it easier for consulting engineers, contractors, modellers and electrical designers to select, configure and insert up-to-date Schneider Electric parametric product models into a building or electrical system design.

LayoutFAST 7.0 provides access to design data, drawings, specifications, and pricing across the entire Schneider Electric, Square D, APC, and ASCO portfolio, including circuit breakers, lighting controls, UPS, relays and switchgear.

“Building information modelling just got easier with the new LayoutFAST. Our enhanced design software allows you to seamlessly integrate customised and always accurate BIM objects from the cloud, into your design,” said Bassem Ammouri, director, energy management software for Schneider Electric.

“And thanks to our new pro features – like one-line diagram automation – design work goes from minutes, to seconds.”

One-line diagram automation means the systems can automatically generate single-line diagrams and riser diagrams based on connected electrical distribution in Revit. Users can also ‘quickly configure’ control panels based on automated and predetermined rules, creating ‘comprehensive’ bills of materials.

The BIM object creator and web-based, product design tools are completely free. And, certain features – such as the one-line diagram and riser diagram automation – will be free while in the beta phase.



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