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Focus HQ and White Frog aim to bring clarity to AEC projects

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Allows ISO 19650 for information management to be embedded into the core of project management

Information management specialist White Frog has joined forces with Australian software developer Focus HQ Pty, to bring the Focus HQ software to EMEA and expand its capabilities within the AECO sector.

Focus HQ tracks and reports the status of multiple projects across an entire corporate portfolio, providing a real-time ‘red, amber, green (RAG)’ dashboard for managers and executives. It interconnects Gantt charts, risk schedules, consistent reports, resource planning, budgeting, and benefits realisations, and applies a layer of corporate governance over the top.

“The reason I am most excited about the partnership, is not just for the software’s out-of-the-box functionality but the potential to create templates for repeatable project workflows,” said Paul Woddy, director of channel development for the newly formed company Focus HQ EMEA.

“What this means in practice is the opportunity to capture processes defined in such standards as ISO 19650 for Information Management, and to embed that into the core of project management, delivering consistency from a single source of the truth and an auditable trail for quality control.”

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