Autodesk launches Construction Cloud

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New integrated construction management offering features a wide range of acquired and in-house developed web services

At Autodesk University in Las Vegas today, Autodesk announced the availability of the Autodesk Construction Cloud, which appears to be the aggregation and repackaging of all of its acquired and in-house developed web services.

The company cited Assemble Systems, BuildingConnected, BIM 360, Construction IQ and PlanGrid as the core components, which connect AutoCAD, Revit and Civil 3D data to the construction management, bidding and contracting process.

The tech stack has over 50 enhancements, including new Artificial Intelligence (AI) features which look for drawing and model issues pre-construction. We explore this in more detail in this dedicated AI article. Autodesk has identified that a significant number of errors in documentation lead to on site problems and are now looking to check for errors in Autodesk BIM 360 submissions.

Cloud services and tech stacks, mainly aimed at connecting owners, designers, contractors and sub-contractors are the new battle ground for software developers in the AEC market, as Autodesk goes head to head with Procore, mainly in the North American market. There are many other big players on this area too, such as Trimble and Oracle.




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