MarkupX Pro

PDF markups delivered directly inside Revit / AutoCAD

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MarkupX Pro designed to optimise the process of reviewing, incorporating, and tracking markups

MarkupX Pro is a new product designed to improve the process of working with markups for Revit or AutoCAD / Civil 3D.

PDF/Bluebeam markups can be imported and viewed directly inside the AutoCAD and Revit environments, overlaid in the precise location of the requested change.

Markups are presented in The Navigator, a dockable panel, where they can be sorted by issue description, issue number, sheet name or sheet number or filtered by status, assignee, markup type and more.

The user then clicks on each issue in turn and the software will jump to the correct sheet, zoom in on the markup location and then temporarily display the markup from the PDF directly over the top of the Revit/AutoCAD view. Comments can be added to each issue and the status changed.

When the designer completes the change, MarkupX Pro closes the issue and jumps to the next. Projects can be saved as an MX file, a proprietary file type that captures the status of each markup as designated by the user.

The MX file can be opened in a future AutoCAD or Revit session, enabling the user to pick up where they left off.

In Revit, MarkupX Pro also gives users the ability to place Revit Families directly into Revit from a PDF.


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