Dell Precision 5560 and 5760

Dell unveils 2021 Precision mobile workstations

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New 2021 models include 15-inch Dell Precision 3561, 5560 and 7560 and 17-inch Dell Precision 5760 and 7760

Dell has launched five new 2021 mobile workstations featuring 11th Gen Intel Core and Intel Xeon W-11000M series CPUs, Nvidia ‘Ampere’ RTX GPUs, and PCIe Gen 4 SSDs. This includes three 15-inch models – the Dell Precision 3561, 5560 and 7560  and two 17-inch models, the Dell Precision 5760 and 7760.

All models, bar the entry-level Dell Precision 3561, have inherited chassis from their predecessors.

Dell Precision 3561
The entry-level Dell Precision 3561 features a completely redesigned chassis

The 15-inch Dell Precision 3561 has been completely redesigned, from the use of reclaimed carbon fibre and bio-plastics on the outside, to the ‘significant performance features’ on the inside.

It features a new Pro2 keyboard and larger touchpad and can now support Hard disk drives (HDDs) as well as Solid State Drives (SSDs) to offer budget conscious users a lower price per GB for storage.

Compared to the Dell Precision 3560 it replaces, CPU and graphics have beefed up considerably with a choice of 45W 11th Gen Intel Core CPUs (compared to the 17.5W CPUs in the Dell Precision 3560) and Nvidia T600 (4GB) and Nvidia T1200 (4GB) GPU options for mainstream 3D CAD / BIM work. These changes have resulted in a slightly larger and heavier chassis, but the Dell Precision 3561 still starts at 1.79kg.


Dell Precision 5560
The 15-inch Dell Precision 5560 is Dell’s most slimline mobile workstation

The Dell Precision 5560 features the same chassis as the previous gen, with a 92% display to body ratio and a lightweight combination of aluminium and carbon fibre.


The 15-inch machine features a 4-sided InfinityEdge 16:10 aspect ratio display.

With an incredibly thin chassis (7.7mm front and 11.6mm rear), the Dell Precision 5560 features entry-level graphics options including the Nvidia T1200 (4GB) and Nvidia RTX A2000 (4GB), which are best suited to 3D CAD / BIM and entry-level viz workflows. However, there’s no compromise on CPUs with options going up to the Intel Xeon W-11955M (8 Core, 2.60GHz up to 5.00GHz). The laptop supports up to 64 GB of DDR4, 3200MHz memory. It starts at 1.84kg.

Dell Precision 5760
The slimline 17-inch Dell Precision 5760 features a new advanced thermal design

The Dell Precision 5760 is somewhat unique as it remains the only thin and light 17-inch mobile workstation from a major vendor. It is a replacement for the Dell Precision 5750 but features an enhanced thermal design including dual output fans, vapor chamber and  a hidden exhaust venting through the hinge.

Like the 15-inch Dell Precision 5560 it features a combination of aluminium and carbon fibre for the chassis and a 94% display to body ratio thanks to the 4-sided InfinityEdge, 16:10 aspect ratio display.

The thin and light design means some compromise on graphics with the Nvidia RTX A2000 (4GB) and Nvidia RTX A3000 (6 GB) as the only options, although the latter is ‘VR Ready’. However, it offers the same broad choice of 45W Intel Core and Xeon CPUs. It supports up to 64 GB of DDR4, 3200MHz memory and starts at 2.13kg.

Dell Precision 7560
The Dell Precision 7560 is Dell’s highest performing 15-inch mobile workstation

The Dell Precision 7560 is Dell’s highest performing 15-inch mobile workstation with the main boost coming in graphics. It offers a choice of Nvidia GPUs, from the entry-level Nvidia T1200 (4GB), all the way up to the Nvidia RTX A5000 (16GB), which is ideal for real-time 3D, GPU rendering and VR. It supports up to 128 GB of DDR4, 3200MHz memory

The Dell Precision 7560 also offers enhanced display options up to the brighter (800 nits) 15.6”, UHD HDR 600 4k panel with 100% Adobe color gamut. There’s capacity for up to three M.2 SSDs and it starts at 2.45kg.


Dell Precision 7760
The Dell Precision 7760 is Dell’s highest performing 17.3-inch mobile workstation

The Dell Precision 7760 is Dell’s highest performing 17.3-inch mobile workstation with almost identical CPU and GPU options to the 15-inch Precision 7560, as well as 128GB memory. At 500 nits the top end 4K display isn’t as bright, but still offers 100% Adobe colour gamut. The machine can hold up to four M.2 SSDs for up to 14 TB of storage and starts at 3.01kg.


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