Cupix launches CupixWorks 2.0

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3D ‘digital twin’ platform helps identify problems on site before they occur and add value across project lifecycle

Cupix has released CupixWorks 2.0, a major update to its ‘3D digital twin platform’, which uses a consumer-grade 360-degree camera to capture construction sites.

The resulting ‘3D digital twin’ is designed to enable building owners, general contractors and project managers to ‘build smarter’ and create value across the entire life cycle of a property.

According to the company, its platform can be used for a relatively simple commercial building, a highly complex facility, or an external infrastructure project like a road or bridge.

Product enhancements integrated in the CupixWorks 2.0 platform include automated 3D spatial information extraction and editing tools which enable 3D spatial intelligence-based site management, comprehensive BIM data support, and secure collaboration and data access controls.

Available via a usage-based pricing model, the new platform features a completely redesigned ‘digital-twin’ viewer for easier integration with third-party vendors, more streamlined LiDAR data support, and drone-mounted 360 image sequence capture and support.

“In a world where surprises and complications are commonplace and costly, our solutions give customers the collaboration, confidence and control they need to stay on time, on budget, and on target,” said Simon Bae, Cupix Founder and CEO.

“Cupix is excited to bring our pioneering 3D expertise to market and to empower contractors and owners everywhere to build smart. Our vision goes beyond traditional 3D digital twins or even smart cities. We want to help the world build smarter.”


Other enhanced features in CupixWorks 2.0 include customizable, ‘enterprise-ready’ data security and access management tools, multi-cloud storage options for building and design files, and ready-to-use hardware kits and self-service templates that enable quick onboarding for both technical and non-technical users.


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