IMSCAD and Panzura team up to boost VDI with file sharing

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Partnership said to make hybrid working easier with desktops in the cloud for 3D and CAD applications

Panzura and IMSCAD have formed a partnership to help accelerate deployment of graphical applications for VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) in the cloud, including graphics intensive 3D applications such as CAD.

IMSCAD will now offer the global file system Panzura CloudFS as a core file collaboration and data resiliency solution to work alongside its CAD-optimised VDI solutions using either Citrix or VMware and Nvidia vGPU and GPUs.

The Panzura solution is said to help distributed teams to ‘simultaneously and efficiently’ work on multiple projects, assignments and applications. It is designed to replace legacy storage with a ‘single, unified file system’ that works across any hybrid-cloud or on-premise IT configuration, and solve the specific distributed workforce challenges of AEC firms collaborating with applications like Revit, AutoCAD and Civil 3D.

Panzura CloudFS works by consolidating unstructured data storage, archive, backup, and disaster recovery in the cloud. According to IMSCAD, given the infrastructure demands for traditional NAS to accommodate files and backups for firms that rely on VDI solutions, switching to Panzura and cloud storage results in savings of up to 70% or more.

“Our customers need flexible solutions that give their workforce exceptional mobility and performance,” said Adam Jull, founder and chief executive officer at IMSCAD.

“We have successfully deployed more virtualised CAD solutions than anyone else in the world, and our technology partnership with Panzura will ensure that our customers’ remote access virtualization projects–even those running multiple applications, add-ons and plug-ins–will achieve the real and lasting efficiency, productivity and economics of the cloud.”

IMSCAD recently launched a disaster recovery solution designed to offer cost-effective back up and structured redundancy measures to virtual desktops and workstations. The solution uses Microsoft Azure on a “pay-as-you-use-it” basis, so customers pay only for virtual desktops in the event of an incident, and recurring expenditures are limited to infrastructure and storage.


Panzura expands IMSCAD disaster recovery capabilities by extending protection all the way to the data and files. According to IMSCAD, Panzura CloudFS is built on an immutable, undefeated data architecture that withstands any and all attempts to encrypt data with malware.

IMSCAD explains that since files held in the system are immune from damage or alteration, they can be restored in minutes without ever paying ransoms or exposing sensitive information.


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