Corey Weiner

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for concept design

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Corey Weiner had a play with Midjourney, an AI program that creates images from textual descriptions. Could it be used to spark creativity in architectural design?

I started playing around with Midjourney’s AI and was soon able to generate a lot of varied graphics using text prompts. All are somewhat “sketch-like” or roughly rendered.

Since I am not an architect, I don’t know their typical ideation process, however I imagine sketching multiple concepts from a blank page is time consuming. I think being able to generate 10-15 usable concepts in an hour would give a designer a great head start.

The first set of prompts might give you nothing, or a glimmer of hope to keep tweaking and regenerating. The exact prompts used to create the images can be seen in the captions below. Zooming in reveals lots of strange solutions the AI considered appropriate. So I think it will be a while before it is blindly relied upon for detailed concepts.

Corey Weiner is founder of as-built laser scanning service For more Midjourney experiments click here.

Corey Weiner
(and below) Ultra luxury apartment building façade, dark wood parametric architecture, gray concrete balconies, tall windows, one cherry blossom tree, inside the main entrance is a staircase, highly detailed orthophoto, gregory crewdson lighting, 3ds Max render, photo realistic

Corey Weiner

Corey Weiner
Striking elegant modern Islamic cathedral, detailed architectural section cut, Autocad technical drawing, fine details
Corey Weiner
Magnificent striking modern cathedral, glass, detailed architectural section cut, Autocad technical drawing, fine details


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