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D5 Render 2.6 ships with AI enhancements

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Real-time ray trace rendering software uses AI to match atmosphere and materials

D5 Render 2.6, the latest release of the AEC-focused real-time ray trace rendering software, includes several new features that harness the power of AI.

AI Atmosphere Match acts like an intuitive filter, allowing users to import an image that captures the desired ambiance for their scene. The software will automatically aim to replicate that atmosphere in terms of lighting and effects in the project, either by matching it with D5 Render’s Geo&Sky system or selecting an appropriate HDRI.

Meanwhile, for those struggling to find various texture maps for a detailed material, the new AI-generated material texture maps feature automatically generate normal, roughness and height channel maps according to the base colour texture map of a material.

Other new features for D5 Render 2.6 include Multimedia Material Transparency, to simulate the semi-transparent dynamic glow effect of transparent LED screens and holograms; a UV Randomizer to rotate and blend textures to avoid repetition on surfaces, such as water and grass; Local Exposure, a post processing feature to help improve the dynamic range of an image, with a view to making the scene well balanced and more realistic.

There are also flowing water materials for animations of waterfalls, running water and streams, opti-mised section tools, and a new human point-of-view walk mode.

For animations, there’s an optimised video editor that that supports camera path display and editing. There are also camera movement templates to make animation rendering easier, replicating camera movements like panning, orbit and dolly in and out.

D5 Render has expanded its library of 11,000+ assets (2,000+ materials and 9,000+ models), adding 267 fresh items, including new HDRIs, characters, plane fog models, and a curated selection of futuristic assets.


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There’s also improved interoperability. Building on synchronisation with many of the leading CAD/BIM tools – Revit, Rhino, and Archicad – the software now includes D5 LiveSync for 3ds Max (beta), an updated SketchUp D5 LiveSync which supports grouped import; and camera animation sync for 3ds Max and Cinema4D for synchronising selected camera animations.

D5 Render is designed for professional 3D visualisers and architects / designers. It features a global illumination solution designed to deliver photorealistic lighting in real time.

The D5 Community Edition is free for beginners and individuals while the D5 Pro Edition, which includes unlimited use of the AI capabilities, VR walkthroughs, an expanded library and lots more, starts at $30 per month.

D5 Render
Image courtesy of Nicolas Gaspar


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