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Kreod to launch new fabrication modeller

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Collaborative software Kidia, designed for architects and fabricators, is built around solid modelling technology

Kreod, which presented its approach to building fabrication at NXT BLD last year, is developing a new, from the ground-up, solid-modelling-based fabrication modeller for architects and fabricators. The collaborative Level 400+ tool, called Kreodx Integrated DfMA Intelligent Automation software (or Kidia for short) will launch this September.

Kreod CEO Chung Qing Li explains that in any approach to DfMA all components need to be designed, manufactured and assembled with high precision, adding that Kidia uses sophisticated algorithms to decode this complexity, transforming intricate designs into manageable, step-by-step assembly instructions.

Kidia automates the planning and execution phases of DfMA projects, with a view to reducing the time required to bring projects from conception to completion. The software also optimises material usage and minimise offcuts by ‘precise planning and modelling’.

There are additional plans for detailed planning and virtual testing of assembly processes. The software will support a digital twin outlook, encompassing design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, through to operation and maintenance.

Other capabilities include structural integrity assessments, energy efficiency evaluations, environmental impact studies, plus support for AR (Augmented Reality).

As Kreod is also an architectural practice, we can be sure that it will be testing and proving its capabilities on live projects.

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