eRDS launches COBie-compliant building asset database tool

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Cloud-based software enriches assets defined in Revit BIM models with COBie information

eRDS Solutions and Services has launched eRDS Cloud, which it claims to be the world’s first cloud based COBie-compliant building asset database software.

The software is designed to help construction industry professionals better manage and handover detailed information of thousands of building assets. It will support operations, maintenance and asset management once a built project is in service.

eRDS Cloud combines assets defined in Revit BIM models with furniture, fixtures and equipment and room data and enriches them with COBie information including manufacturer, serial numbers and warranty details.

Building assets are stored in a SQL database in eRDS Cloud which provides a multi-user collaborative common data environment conforming to ISO 19650-1:2018.

By establishing a structured COBie database at an early stage of a project, the asset information in eRDS Cloud is designed to become the ‘single point of truth’ which is used to populate other project IT software.

As a result, the developers claim that users obtain faster and better integration with BMS and BIM-FM systems and a shortened CMMS implementation programme.


“It is becoming more commonplace for COBie to be used as the contractual means of handover on government and commercial projects using BIM, yet the software to deliver this hasn’t progressed past excel spreadsheets,” says Paul Goodman-Simpson, eRDS Solutions and Services Chief Executive Officer.

“We believe significant cost and man-hour savings are possible when the large amounts of asset information required by COBie are handled in a searchable cloud database. More visible and reliable information results in improved briefings of subcontractors and leads to better management decisions.

“An eRDS Cloud database can be interrogated by construction teams, building owners, estate managers and their FM teams. With this approach considerable time savings are achieved by increasing the efficiency of the management of project from start to finish and post construction.”



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