ArcGIS Basemaps integrated into Civil 3D / AutoCAD

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Provides AEC professionals with Esri geospatial reference data within Autodesk tools

Building on their strategic alliance, Esri and Autodesk have integrated Esri ArcGIS Basemaps with Autodesk Civil 3D and AutoCAD to provide AEC professionals with ‘detailed geospatial data and mapping capabilities’. According to the companies, the new integrations are designed to further unify GIS and BIM, delivering ‘real business value’ to architects, engineers, planners, and contractors.

“Esri is proud to bring this new integration to Autodesk users, empowering them with enhanced visibility of existing conditions for better-informed design decisions that reduce environmental impacts,” said Kathleen Kewley, Esri director for AEC global business development.

“ArcGIS Basemaps serves as the cornerstone of our mapping products,” said Bridget Brown, geospatial and information management director for HDR, a user of Esri and Autodesk software.

“These carefully styled basemaps not only offer vital location context but also liberate our teams from creating them from the ground up, allowing us to concentrate on project-specific data.

“Additionally, the capability to customize these basemaps using the vector tile style editor empowers us to unlock new realms of cartographic creativity when needed.”

“ArcGIS Basemaps are the contextual canvas that establishes one of the most important elements when answering the question of ‘where’,” said Darin Welch, associate vice president, design, geospatial, and community intelligence, HNTB Digital Transformation Solutions, another Esri and Autodesk user.

“Esri’s basemaps have equipped our teams with immediate and accurate representation of the surrounding world, and the situational awareness necessary for making the best transportation decisions for improving our communities.”