ImageAs design visualisation becomes an increasingly important part of the overall design process we expect to see some impressive things at Imagina 2009, where some of the most creative firms will be exhibiting.

ImageThe xw4600 is an entry-level workstation by positioning, but this configuration from HP offers top-notch performance for CAD, writes Greg Corke.

You know that the economy is in trouble when even printer companies approach you with marketing material aimed at cost-conscious CAD users fighting through the


ImageThis month we have an excellent all round mobile workstation from Dell and one of the most powerful desktops workstations available. CAD2

ATI FireGL V3600 (R600) reviewAt Siggraph ATI unveiled its next generation unified graphics architecture. Greg Corke took a closer look at ATI

HPHP?s new DesignJet T Series takes individual and workgroup printing to new levels, both in terms of overall productivity and print quality says Greg Corke.

Workstation ReviewsA budget workstation used to mean a huge hit in performance, but Greg Corke discovered your money can go a long way when you're looking for a machine for under a grand.

Printing: Inkjet versus laser In the large format print market the battle between inkjet and laser technologies continues to rage, but specialist print reseller, City and West End Solutions, believes inkjets are emerging as the number one contender.

Workstation reviewsQuad Core processors are shipping and brand new workstations from CAD 2 and HP offer much for high-end users. However, Dual Core still has a huge role to play in the CAD sector and Scan puts forward an excellent value propostion for mid range CAD users, says Greg Corke.

Epson Stylus Pro (wide format) It

Workstation reviewsIntel is back with its impressive new generation processors. From mobile workstations to high end desktops, Intel

HP DesignJet 4500 A few years back HP

ATIThis month Robert Jamieson heads back to home turf to look at the current state of the workstation graphics market and what the future holds.

MotherboardOne of the most important components in your workstation is the motherboard. Robert Jamieson looks at the integrated technologies and what to look for when choosing a board for today and tomorrow.

ImageThere is a lot of information about HD floating around as broadcasters start to gear up for transmission, but will this high resolution TV standard affect CAD in any way, asks ATI’s Robert Jamieson.

BinocularsSpyware is a malicious problem that affects us all, but with reference to his recent experiences, Rob Jamieson asks is the cure worse than the infection?

Dell workstationDespite the introduction of dual core processors from AMD and Intel, there is still a huge demand in the CAD sector for single processor machines, which offer plenty of power without breaking the bank.

Hard driveIn the latest instalment of his series of articles which look at the components of a PC workstation, Robert Jamieson gives us the low down on hard disks, their physical characteristics and which are best for CAD.

LaptopWith Intel's Pentium M processors and professional graphics solutions from ATI and Nvidia, the mobile workstation continues to go from strength to strength. AEC puts four cutting edge laptops through their paces.