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D5 Render 2.7 launches for real-time visualisation

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New release introduces new AI and Procedural Content Generation capabilities, along with enhanced Global Illumination (GI)

D5 Render 2.7, the latest release of the architectural-focused real-time rendering software, has launched today. Of the 35 updates and optimisations, many are driven by AI and PCG (Procedural Content Generation), the company states.

D5 Scatter is a new PCG vegetation scatter tool designed to help generate realistic landscapes more easily and quickly. Surfaces can be divided into multiple areas, each accommodating different plant species from 4,000+ D5 Asset Library.

Scattered plant models support individual/batch adjustments of density, proportion, scale, and orientation for various effects. The software also offers new ‘lush and realistic’ grass materials for creating ‘vibrant and visually’ appealing lawns.

AI Atmosphere Match, first introduced in D5 Render version 2.6 to help designers generate sky, natural lighting, and post-production effects from reference images, has been further refined to produce more precise matching results for both exterior and interior scenes.

AI Ultra HD Texture integrates AI Super Resolution to automatically upgrade the resolution of grainy textures up to 4K. According to the company, it reduces noise and imperfections while preserving high-frequency texture details.

‘Make Seamless’ incorporates AI inpainting to remove seams between base colour map textures for a ‘consistent and natural’ effect. Meanwhile, ‘Text to 3D’ transforms text input into 3D assets in realistic, cartoon or low-poly styles.

D5 Render 2.7 also includes enhancements to its global illumination (GI) algorithms. According to the company this brings the software one step closer to achieving the quality of offline rendering.


Interoperability has also been enhanced with new ‘LiveSync’ for 3ds Max 2025 and SketchUp 2024, and there’s beta support for the 3DConnexion SpaceMouse.

Other features include accelerated rendering speed for both images and videos, with an increase of ‘over 45%’, higher-quality VR with more realistic lighting, and a range of new assets, including walking characters, grouped characters, and a selection of new PBR materials.

D5 Render works with SketchUp, 3ds Max, Revit, Cinema4D, Archicad, Rhino and Blender. Prices start at $30 per user per month for D5 Render Pro for professional. There’s a free version – D5 Render Community – for beginners and individuals.