AEC Magazine March / April 2024 Edition

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In our spring 2024 edition we delve deep into a future where drawings are fully automated, look at a new approach to building performance analysis, report on a new massing tool for architects, plus plenty more on acoustic design, reality capture, workstations, modern methods of construction, and laptop processors

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The dawn of auto-drawings
Several CAD software firms are making real progress in drawing automation in the race to eliminate one of the AEC sector’s biggest bottlenecks.

Enscape: building performance analysis
Enscape is to get a new module, powered by IES technology, that gives instant visual feedback on building performance.

TestFit runs free
The Texas-based design automation software developer releases a free massing tool for architects.


NXT BLD / DEV 2024
AI, automation, digital fabrication, BIM 2.0, data specifications, open source, automation, and lots, lots more at AEC Magazine’s London conferences

Industry news
AEC technologies emerge for Apple Vision Pro, Unreal Engine and Twinmotion get new licensing, Alice uses AI to optimise Primavera P6 schedules, plus lots more

Autodesk to take over VAR payments
New changes to the Autodesk business model could be set to diminish the role of the CAD reseller.

Workstation news
Intel Core Ultra laptop processors, Nvidia Ada Generation RTX GPUs for CAD, plus new workstations from HP and Dell

Prime time for iGPU
Laptop processors with integrated GPUs are now powerful enough for 3D CAD. Dos this mean a cheaper, slimmer future?

Enscape and V-Ray: a collaborative future
Chaos has big plans to enhance workflows between Enscape and V-Ray, boost real time collaboration, and more.

Smart reality capture
A new integrated reality capture solution from Looq uses computer vision, AI and a proprietary handheld camera with GPS, to capture infrastructure at scale.

Treble: sound advice
New software helps analyse and optimise designs for acoustic performance.

Informed Design
Autodesk connects BIM (Revit) with fabrication (Inventor) via the cloud to support modern methods of construction.

Scaling-up on-site digital construction
Facit Homes brings new hope to the need to build houses and digitise fabrication.