Aproplan and GenieBelt merge to form LetsBuild

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New company intends to deliver an end-to-end solution to the global construction industry


GenieBelt and Aproplan have merged to form LetsBuild and provide an ‘end-to-end’ digital solution that covers planning, progress and follow-up communication, on-site in the construction phase.

Prior to the merger, GenieBelt focused on on-site planning and progress communication giving customers a real-time schedule and progress reporting, while Aproplan tackled on-site follow-up communication by digitising snagging, drawings and checklists.

“Our customers tell us that switching between tools to manage processes is a pain on a busy site, and makes data collection cumbersome,” says says LetsBuild CEO Klaus Nyengaard. “Their dream is to have one simple-to-use solution where they can keep track of planning and progress, access all documents and support processes such as snagging and quality checking. That is exactly what we will provide with LetsBuild.”



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