Bricsys unleashes V20 BricsCAD design suite

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New features include support for McNeel Grasshopper through a dedicated connection

Ghent-based BIM and technical drawing ‘upstart’ Bricsys has released version 20 of its core design tools. Part of the Hexagon suite of companies since 2018, Bricsys develops an AutoCAD-compatible drawing application, BricsCAD and a relatively new BIM solution called BricsCAD BIM.

New features of this release include support for McNeel Grasshopper through a dedicated connection enabling geometry to be driven by the popular visual generative design solution. There is a new stair model which can create parametric staircases with just a few clicks. The real time rendering application Enscape is now supported. IFC support has been upgraded to export and import IFC 4.0, which supports NURBS and meshes.

The BCF format is now included to communicate model-based issues with other applications. BricsCAD BIM has a unique approach to modelling. Architects can model with pure geometry and then have machine learning identify objects, such as walls doors and windows, applying the necessary IFC tags. v20 promises and more of that capability. Automatch will automatically match and complete BIM information which is missing.

Meanwhile, HOK has just announced it will be looking at BricsCAD BIM as a Revit alternative and has also become a BIM Alliance Partner of Bricsys.




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