NEWS: New analytics tool for high-performance glass

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Guardian Glass releases web-based Glass Analytics tool to streamline glass performance analysis

Guardian Glass in Europe has enhanced its suite of web-based software tools, Glass Analytics, to help European architects, designers, and cladders demonstrate the advantages of high performance glass in building facades.

With Glass Analytics users have access to a single online platform hosting an array of calculation and visualisation tools to help users choose the appropriate glass solution to match the design objectives of their project.

These include configuration analysis, acoustic calculations, photorealistic renderings, Building Information Modelling (BIM), and more.

At each step of the design, specification and construction process, the tools provide specific information about the aesthetic and glass performance values for the glazing makeups.

“Glass Analytics provides facade solutions that allow architects, designers, cladders and glass processers to explore aesthetic and functional possibilities while meeting complex energy, daylighting and acoustic requirements,” said Dimosthenis Liouris, Technical Advisory Center Manager for Guardian Glass in Europe.

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