Excitech launches productivity toolkit for subscription customers

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Revit and Civil 3D tools focus on areas of functionality that prove cumbersome or time consuming for users

Excitech has launched a new productivity toolkit for Autodesk Revit and Civil 3D, which is offered free to Excitech’s Autodesk subscription customers.

The new Excitech Toolkit features productivity tools from KobiLabs, the international CAD/BIM consulting and software development company, and a Lite version of Eagle Point Software’s leading e-learning platform, Pinnacle Series.

“[The Excitech Toolkit] covers the many detailed areas of functionality that prove cumbersome or time consuming for users,” explains Carl Spalding, head of portfolio management at Excitech. “For example, Civil 3D users will enjoy tools that help with sections and alignments, grading and corridors, pipe editing and analysis and much more.

“Revit users will benefit from tools that help with BIM Management and content administration, view and sheet creation, annotation and model/data modification plus links with excel. There’s an enormous amount of depth and content to the tools and they will prove invaluable to our customers.”

Excitech is set to introduce productivity tools for AutoCAD shortly.

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