Allplan launches Allplan Cloud

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BIM collaboration platform promises enhanced design-to-build workflows

BIM software provider Allplan has announced Allplan Cloud, a cloud-based BIM collaboration platform, designed to enable teams to efficiently manage and distribute drawings and plans.

Allplan Cloud includes the functionality of Bimplus, the project collaboration platform, and former standalone Allplan products such as Allplan Share, Allplan Exchange and Allplan Workgroup Manager. It also includes additional applications such as Autoconverter for exchange with structural analysis solutions.

The first new additions to the portfolio are the Allplan Cloud Viewer, an IFC file visualisation tool, and new Overlay tool for Bimplus.

The new Allplan Cloud Viewer, which includes technology from ‘That Open Company’, allows users to visualize an IFC file. Rather than uploading and waiting for large IFC files, users can ‘quickly preview’ a new file, view, and check IFC models visually before fully uploading and creating a revision in Bimplus.

The new Bimplus Overlay functionality in Bimplus allows users to combine 2D plans or drawings in PDF, JPG and PNG format with a 3D model. By creating a section in the 3D model and then selecting match-points in the model and overlay, 2D plans, drawings and surfaces are ‘instantly combined’ with the 3D volumetric world. Users can then interact and interrogate, clarify uncertainties, identify discrepancies and raise issues for the 3D model using the Issue Manager.

“Collaboration is a crucial pillar for successful project delivery, whether within teams or spanning multiple stakeholders. Our core design principles focus on improving the efficiency of design-to-build workflows including via cloud-based processes. Our overarching goal is to provide users with a comprehensive solution that enables efficient collaboration across all their projects. This means granting appropriate individuals access to pertinent data, regardless of their location, all within a secure and high-performing workflow”, stated Product Director Nigel Rees.

Allplan Cloud services are available with all Allplan Subscriptions.