Graphisoft tunes performance for ArchiCAD 23

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The latest release of the popular BIM tool accelerates software startup, file opening and more, and includes re-engineered column and beam tools

ArchiCAD 23 is said to deliver more performance improvements, including software startup, file opening, working in multi-project environments and switching between different views of the BIM project. The architectural-focused BIM software also includes new tools for openings, columns and beams and improved interoperability with engineering disciplines.

“Everyday tasks such as firing up your software and switching between projects or views in a specific project may end up being the very roadblocks to achieving the flow, which is the ideal state for architectural design,” says Graphisoft’s Peter Temesvari. “We removed these roadblocks, putting the architect more firmly in the driver’s seat, with the software responding to the way architects think and work.”

ArchiCAD’s re-engineered column and beam tools mean architects can now model faster and create accurate construction details and quantity estimations for reinforced concrete, complex steel, timber, and composite beams and columns.

There’s a new opening tool dedicated to model and coordinate project design voids, recesses and niches, and better links to Solibri, dRofus and Grasshopper.




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