HoloBuilder using AI to analyse 360° images from construction sites

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SiteAI technology designed to automate construction processes through the analysis of materials, objects and structures in 360° imagery data.

HoloBuilder is adding an Artificial Intelligence solution “SiteAI” to its 360° construction site reality capture solution‎. The new technology utilises Computer Vision and Deep Learning to analyze materials, objects and structures captured in 360° imagery with a view to automating construction processes, especially progress tracking.

According to the developers, automated progress control calculates progress reports without additional effort from capturing weekly 360° progress photos. The progress can be automatically tracked, analysed and compared to the planned schedule to detect discrepancies as fast as possible. HoloBuilder claims that when SiteAI is implemented across projects, it allows processing progress payments faster, knowing the quantity for specific materials, comparing construction progress to schedules and much more.

SiteAI has been developed in close collaboration with Hensel Phelps, who has captured tens of thousands of 360° images to actively pilot HoloBuilder’s Computer Vision algorithm to automatically analyze the work put in place by location.

“The partnership that Hensel Phelps has created with Holobuilder is built around their understanding of our jobsite photo documentation process and how their solution brought immediate improvements and efficiencies to our people,” said Will Plato, VDC manager of the Southwest District at Hensel Phelps. “Their capability to do more with data through the development of SiteAI brings additional value and analytics to our construction scheduling and execution. I am excited about the future as the possibility of bringing data silos to an end is truly going to be obtainable.”

SiteAI is currently in an early-access program stage for selected customers with the company asking more customers to join the waitlist and will be accessible to HoloBuilder users in early 2019.


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