IoT tech to tackle risk of catastrophic bridge failure

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SGS and AIMSight solution uses smart crack sensors and data analytics to monitor bridge assets in real timeT

Inspection specialist SGS has teamed up with AIMSight to launch a new structural health monitoring solution for bridges that uses ‘smart crack’ monitoring sensors and data analytics to provide continuous, real time monitoring of assets.

The Internet of Things (IoT)-based technology serves as an early warning system, so asset owners can precisely anticipate and schedule on-site inspections and maintenance work, and respond to defects before they have a serious impact on their operation or finances.

“Bridges built for a different time are creaking under the strain of traffic densification and heavier vehicles,” said Thomas Meyer, Global Innovation Manager, Industrial at SGS. “Our new technology continuously monitors critical infrastructure which will help keep our road network working safely.”

Over and above the crack monitoring sensors, which are attached to the asset and collect specific data on defects, additional parameters are also captured, such as local temperature and acceleration, which enables root-cause analysis of the defects’ behaviour.

According to SGS, in the UK there are 72,000 bridges on the local road network alone, of which more than 3,000 are categorised as ‘substandard’ (meaning unable to carry the heaviest vehicles seen on our roads) and in urgent need of repair at a cost of £7billion.




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