Inevidesk launches ‘Flexidesk’ cloud workstations

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Virtual desktop solution hosted in London datacentre designed to offer AEC firms more flexibility

Inevidesk, a specialist in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions designed specifically for the AEC sector, has launched Flexidesk, a virtual desktop solution designed to offer firms more flexibility in cloud workstation deployments.

Instead of having to scale in batches of seven, as Inevidesk’s pod purchasing model previously dictated, Flexidesk allows firms using its cloud-hosted service to scale their VDI by a single virtual desktop at a time (or as many multiple vdesks as required).

According to the London-based company, this supports a much more scalable and flexible capability for provisioning VDIs based on organisations’ fluctuating resourcing needs, such as when onboarding new hires or working with freelancers. New Flexidesks can be provisioned within a matter of minutes.

Flexidesks can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis and at the same mid or high-spec levels as with Inevidesk pods. Organisations can customise their Flexidesks through ‘bolt on’ services such as adding more vCPUs or RAM for complex modelling projects that require more resources.

A typical high spec VM for more demanding visualisation applications such as Enscape, includes 8 virtual processor cores, 64G RAM, 500G SSD storage, and dedicated Nvidia RTX A4000 16G GPU.

For day-to-day usage of Revit a standard spec VM include 4 virtual processor cores, 32G RAM, 500G SSD storage, and dedicated Nvidia T1000 8G GPU.

Inevidesk works with a variety of UK AEC firms including Aros Architects, Hopkins Architects, dMFK, Cowan Architects, GRID Architects and Cullinan Studio.



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