New tool streamlines Revit style management

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Ideate StyleManager, a new addition to Ideate Software’s family of Revit plug-ins, allows users to analyse, delete or merge non-standard Revit styles

Ideate StyleManager is a new add-on for Revit designed to help users maintain style standards by analysing, deleting, or merging non-standard styles.

According to Ideate Software challenges with Revit styles arise when users import content, because the corresponding styles automatically come with the content. Proper management of these styles reduces publishing errors and end-user confusion, but the management process in Revit can be time consuming and risky, and errors can dramatically impact the models and production documents.

“Managing [unapproved styles] has always been impossible, as there is no easy way to understand what is used and what is extraneous,” says Phyllis Robbins, Eppstein Uhen Architects. “Ideate StyleManager makes it quick and easy to strip families of unnecessary junk.” Ideate StyleManager allows users to safely delete styles that otherwise cannot be deleted or purged in Revit software, merge non-standard styles into standard styles and ‘forensically analyse’ the usage of all styles to understand the true scope of a deletion.

Other features include the ability to clean up object styles, line styles, line patterns, fill patterns, materials, material appearance assets, view filters, templates, and scope boxes. The software can also help users understand which views are using which view filters.




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