NEWS: Excitech launches Verity construction verification software

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Software verifies the accuracy of as-built construction against a design or fabrication model

Excitech has become the exclusive UK reseller for Verity, a new construction verification tool from ClearEdge3D. The software verifies the accuracy of new construction against the original design or fabrication model, flagging missing or out-of-tolerance elements. It does this by analysing laser scan point cloud data of the as-built construction and compares it to the design/fabrication model, identifying variances, missing elements or other potentially costly construction errors.

Poorly constructed and out-of-tolerance work is a massive problem in the commercial construction industry, accounting for up to 10 percent of a project’s total costs, says Excitech. Verity is designed to dramatically reduce this financial impact by flagging problems early in the construction process so they can be remediated or eliminated before they impact schedules or future work.

The software evaluates elements in a design model and matches the actual location, orientation and position of the corresponding element in a laser scanned point cloud of the as-built construction. If the constructed element is out-of-tolerance or missing, the user can accept the element as-is or initiate remediation with the sub-contractor. Verity is fully integrated with Autodesk Navisworks so variance data can be exported back to Navisworks to perform clash detection on the as-built position of any element.

Verity’s ‘stop light’ variance classification gives you a quick overview of construction quality

According to Senthil Arjunan, the National BIM Manager for Interserve Construction, ‘’Verity is a great tool which is supporting us in verifying the accuracy of construction information on our projects. The prospects are enormous. From intelligently identifying any variances against our construction tolerances to driving the production of good quality ‘as-built’ information, this fits in with our vison of delivering best value to our customers using digital construction methods.’’

“Verity is a revolutionary construction verification software solution which will significantly reduce the risk that the design, engineering, construction, and service provider clients take each day,’ added Nick Johns, product sales specialist at Excitech.

Verity verifies as-built structure, walls, MEP, fixture and more against the design/feb model

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