NEWS: Bentley connects AEC project teams to catalogue content

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ProjectWise Catalog Service uses the cloud to help ensure that the right content is used on each project throughout the lifecycle

Bentley’s ProjectWise Catalog Service is a new cloud service that aims to improve the accessibility and reuse of reliable, project-specific content throughout design, construction, and operations.

This new service delivers project teams managed access to find and share information-rich 3D model content through a common set of catalogues from manufacturers, standards bodies, Bentley, and project teams from within any Bentley product or mobile app.

For teams involved in project delivery, this service also provides the ability to manage access to approved catalogues to ensure that the right content is used on each project and only authorized participants can add or edit this content.

“Many users have told us that building and distributing the right 3D content for every participant on each project costs time and money and is a barrier to getting projects done on time and on budget,” explains Santanu Das, Bentley Systems senior vice president of design and simulation. “Moreover, the process of providing this content to the construction team and then facilitating handover to the owner, with all of the additional documentation and information produced throughout design and construction process, is time consuming and complex. It’s easy for things to get lost. To address both of these issues, we have developed the ProjectWise Catalog Service.”

According to Bentley, content from ProjectWise Catalog Services remains valuable beyond design into construction and operations, with the ability to incorporate related documents and information such as procurement details, specifications, or operations manuals to simplify handover and enable access and reuse downstream.

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