NEWS: Oasys launches low-cost, Mass Motion Flow Beta online

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Mass 3D Pedestrian simulation becomes affordable for the all with Oasys’ latest online beta software

Oasys has released MassMotion Flow, a low cost pedestrian simulation software, in Beta on its website to download.

The new version of the software has a brand new interface and removes its previous reliance on SoftImage. There’s new modeling tools and handles unlimited biped agents, widening the appeal and skill level required to use the mass simulation software. The site contains a number of images and training videos.

Oasys claims the software is applicable to every architect’s daily work, as well as fire engineers . Models are loaded in via IFC 2×3. Pricing hasn’t been confirmed but the company claims that MassMotion Flow will cost ‘less than a third of the price of MassMotion’.

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