3D PluraView monitor with Elitecad

Schneider Digital brings 3D stereo to desktop BIM

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Schneider Digital’s 3D PluraView monitor ‘fully compatible’ with EliteCAD Architecture software for immersive 3D design and point cloud visualisation

Schneider Digital has teamed up with Xeometric, the developer of EliteCAD, to help architects become more immersed in their designs by using a stereoscopic 3D monitor rather than a standard desktop display.

3D CAD/BIM tool EliteCAD Architecture 15 is now ‘fully compatible’ with Schneider’s 3D PluraView monitor. This includes the 3D mouse pointer ‘displaying ‘perfectly in EliteCAD’ so it ‘intuitively reaches’ every point, surface or edge in the (holographic) 3D space.

According to Schneider digital, the solution is particularly useful in architectural planning and 3D modelling, especially if combined with laser scanning and point cloud visualization. In contrast to other immersive technologies like VR, architects can directly work on their designs in stereo 3D, instead of having to swap between desktop and VR headset.

Schneider’s 3D PluraView monitor features two displays (one per eye), a semi-transparent mirror and ‘extremely light’ passively polarized stereo glasses.

According to the company, the 28-inch monitor delivers high-quality 3D stereo images at 4K resolution with very high stereo image sharpness and the highest level of detail.

User can work ‘completely flicker free’ in normal daylight office conditions ‘comfortably and without fatigue’. A response time of 1ms ‘eliminates’ ghosting and motion blurring and a wide viewing angle means the technology is also suitable for team collaboration.

The 3D monitor is compatible with Nvidia Quadro and AMD FirePro / Radeon Pro GPUs.


For users who want to go one step further in the direction of Virtual Reality, Schneider Digital also offers its 3D PluraView monitor in a VR version with integrated head tracking and object control by tracking sticks and spheres.

With the exception of EliteCAD Most 3D CAD/BIM software does not offer a 3D stereo capability. However, Schneider Digital’s 3D PluraView monitor does work with several other AEC focused applications including Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk 3ds max. Bentley Systems ContextCapture, Enscape, Unreal Engine, Faro Scene, Leica Cyclone Model VR, Terrasolid TerraStereo and Unity.


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