NEWS: Bentley ramps up software in design and construction

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Tools focus on conceptual design, data acquisition and construction management

Bentley has delivered a number of new and enhanced software tools focused on design and construction workflows.

OpenRoads ConceptStation is a new conceptual modelling application designed to help highway engineers quickly create iterative conceptual road and bridge models. The software can use contextual information obtained through point clouds, reality meshes, GIS, and other sources. Models can then be brought forward in their entirety for detailed design work into OpenRoads Designer.

One source of contextual information for OpenRoads ConceptStation could be from Bentley’s enhanced reality modelling applications ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center. At Christopher Burke Engineering, for example, the software is being used to process hundreds of images taken by drone or hand-held digital camera into a 3D reality mesh for civil engineering design work inside Bentley OpenRoads products.

OpenRoads Navigator CONNECT Edition is another new civil focused application designed to provide access to up to date information on site to help resolve issues during design, construction and operations.

OpenRoads Navigator is designed to make it easy to work with 2D or 3D designs on site, giving users access to all project information associated with a project. Image courtesy of Bentley Systems

Finally, the new CONNECT Edition of ConstructSim is pitched as an advanced work packaging solution to help enable safer, more predictable construction projects.

Side-by-side schedule comparison in ConstructSim shows planned vs. actual progress. Image courtesy of Bentley Systems

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