NEWS: Bentley to deliver the CONNECT Edition

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Introductory Access Programmes to make MicroStation CONNECT and Navigator CONNECT available to SELECT subscribers

Bentley Systems has launched Introductory Access Programs for its CONNECT Editions of MicroStation and Navigator. The infrastructure software specialist has also introduced a new CONNECTED Partner Program through which it will offer third party applications.

Bentley says the CONNECT Edition, first announced in Autumn 2014, provides the first common environment for comprehensive project delivery. It uses the Microsoft Azure cloud service to span hybrid computing configurations for projects and enterprise.

MicroStation CONNECT Edition includes functional components , a common documentation centre, and enables optioneering across disciplines.

Santanu Das, Bentley senior vice president, design and simulation, said, “I would like to thank the users we invited to robustly exercise MicroStation CONNECT Edition through the Early Access Program. Now we are extending an invitation to every MicroStation SELECT subscriber, along with every SELECT Open Access subscriber and Enterprise License Subscriber, to introduce MicroStation CONNECT Edition (SELECTseries 1) into their current toolset – to facilitate this advancement, there is no change from the MicroStation V8i file format.”

The Introductory Access Program for MicroStation CONNECT Edition is scheduled to open on June 1, 2015. At that time, eligible users will be able to download the software at

The Navigator CONNECT Edition app is said to enable project participants to advance beyond visualisation to visibility for issue resolution. Its features include a touch-enabled interface; availability for both desktop and mobile operating systems (including Microsoft, iOS, and Android). According to Bentley, this delivers a single, consistent experience for users across all of their touch-enabled devices – from tablets to large touch screens, and from office to site to field.


Keith Bentley, Bentley Systems founder and CTO, said, “Our development of Navigator CONNECT Edition, along with the mobile i-model technologies supporting it, has been one of my favorite projects across our 30-year history. I think that every user of MicroStation and our applications will find it valuable to use Navigator CONNECT Edition to extend their work to every device, in the course of their day and across their projects. So we’ve also made it a great value, requiring only a nominally-priced Bentley CONNECTIONS Passport subscription.”

The Navigator CONNECT Edition Introductory Access Program is scheduled to open on July 1, 2015, for CONNECTIONS Passport holders. All others will be welcome to take part in the Navigator CONNECT Edition Test Drive. Those completing a test drive will be eligible to win prizes, including Microsoft Surface Pro 3 computers. For additional information, visit

Meanwhile, Bentley has extended Project Playbooks and Personal Playlists to include application tools from CONNECTED Partners – with SELECTservice-based licensing and administration, including through SELECT Open Access and Enterprise License Subscriptions.

Initial CONNECTED Partner offerings include:

• LumenRT (e-on software), which allows users to quickly create images, videos and real-time presentations of MicroStation Infrastructure Designs.

• ADDS (Roussey Solutions) for electric utility designers to ‘optioneer’ underground residential distribution, with a view to minimising provisioning cost and network loads.

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