NEWS: Chaos Group launches V-Ray Cloud beta

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Cloud rendering service is simple to use, highly scaleable and comes with free credits while still in beta

Chaos Group has launched V-Ray Cloud, a new push-button cloud rendering service that it claims to be the world’s simplest. The design viz specialist says the service, which runs on the Google Cloud Platform, will allow users to render an entire animation in the time it takes to render a single frame, without having to track assets, juggle licenses or set up virtual machines.

V-Ray Cloud is currently in open beta and includes free credits until it is launched. It will be integrated into all V-Ray products, including those for Revit, SketchUp, Rhino and 3ds max.

“V-Ray Cloud will be there whenever you need it, as a natural extension to your workflow,” said Boris Simandoff, V-Ray Cloud director of engineering at Chaos Group. “As needs arise, just submit a job and we’ll do the rest. It’s really simple.”

Key features include Smart Sync, a smart synchronisation feature that automatically resubmits only the updates you’ve made to your scene, and Smart Vault, an optimised storage system that keeps assets in the cloud for use in future projects.

The service also offers Remote Control, so job settings can be changed and resubmitted from any device, without opening the scene.

Architectural interior inside V-Ray for Revit
Revit model rendering in V-Ray Cloud



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