NEWS: Faro PointSense 18.0 Suite for construction and architecture

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Bundle of plug-ins offer ‘seamless Integration of 3D Scanner Data’ with Autodesk 2018 design tools

Faro has introduced the PointSense 18.0 Suite, a bundle of industry specific plug-ins for AutoCAD and Revit, designed to accelerate the evaluation and processing of laser scan data. Features include intelligent feature extraction, for design and scan to BIM, as well as deformation analysis tools for QA/QC assessment.

The suite includes: PointSense basic/Pro for AutoCAD; PointSense Building for AutoCAD; PointSense Heritage for AutoCAD; PointSense Plant for AutoCAD and PointSense for Revit. All tools are compatible with the 2015 – 2018 releases of AutoCAD and Revit.

According to Faro, PointSense 18.0 for Revit is the first software platform to incorporate Levels of Accuracy as defined USBID (U.S. Institute of Building Documentation) standards. This enhanced analysis tool is designed to enable users to more confidently validate the accuracy of the as-built model compared to the relevant point cloud, i.e. the set of data points acquired by a 3D laser scanner.

Faro has also improved scan navigation. With just a double click on the scan label or using the related context menu, users can now move from one scan perspective to another inside a given point cloud. The insert point cloud functionality has been extended by including an additional option for locking point clouds. This function prevents deleting or moving point clouds unintentionally.

All plug-ins feature a new, step by step guidance screen to help new users get up to speed quickly and optimise workflows.

“We continue to push forward in our commitment to creating even more value for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction market segments,” states Andreas Gerster, Vice President Global Construction BIM-CIM business unit. “PointSense 18.0, used in combination with 3D laser scanners such as the industry leading FARO Focus3D is a direct reflection of this commitment, as it delivers a powerful new set of easy to use software solutions in a single package. We are both excited and validated about the unique value that PointSense 18.0 delivers not only to AutoCAD and Revit users in general, but also as a tightly integrated, high performance bundle for FARO Focus3D Scanner users.”

PointSense now includes Faster Scan Navigation

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