NEWS: ConSteel develops bi-directional link to Tekla Structures

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Developers say solution offers smooth and quick transition between the structural and the detailing model

ConSteel, the building analysis solution focused on steel and composite structures, now includes a high-level bi-directional link to Tekla Structures.

The software can import the whole Tekla physical model, including all of the structural eccentricities and rotation and automatically create a native ConSteel structural model.

Once the structural analysis and optimisation is done in ConSteel, there are two ways the model can be sent back to Tekla Structures.

The first is to export the whole ConSteel model directly to Tekla Structures, with all of the structural parameters and eccentricities. During the export process ConSteel converts all of the section and material names to native Tekla names.

The second is model update, where the current and previous states of the ConSteel and the Tekla Structures models are compared. The software highlights which elements have been affected by change, complete with properties, then lets the user choose which version should be applied to the Tekla model.

ConSteel also has a built-in steel connection design module and all of the connections can be exported to Tekla Structures at same time as the structural members. During the connection export, ConSteel uses Tekla Structures macros to create the connections.


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