NEWS: Design feature added to cloud-based structural engineering tool

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SkyCiv releases new design software for AISC standards. Euro, British and other standards to follow

Cloud based structural engineering software provider SkyCiv has added new design functionality to its cloud software. The new features allow US structural and civil engineers to check their structural designs against the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) 360-10 regulations for steel buildings. Users can check their calculations and visualise these in their designs. Support for European, Australian, British and Canadian regulations will be added in the coming months.

SkyCiv also offers a free integrated and a standalone version of the software. The standalone version presents the data in a table, using red and green colour coding to highlight problem areas. This allows engineers to see whether their design fits with the AISC regulations and make changes in real time. The data can also be exported in PDF format to be shared with clients, colleagues and regulatory bodies.

“A common complaint among structural engineers is that, as regulations change, their software does not update automatically,” explained Sam Carigliano, CEO and co-founder of SkyCiv. “In some cases, engineers must pay high fees for these updates, which prevents them from easily making sure that their designs meet the most recent standards.

“With SkyCiv’s cloud based structural engineering suite, updates are rolled out as quickly as possible after a regulation is revised, without any update or maintenance fees. This allows civil and structural engineers to continue designing structures that safely comply with up-to-date standards.”

The structural engineering software offered by SkyCiv is entirely cloud based and is accessed through a browser.

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